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The Philanthropy Project platform helps youth bring their service projects to life. Individuals, classrooms + schools create personalized campaign pages for causes they care about.

latest projects:

Turtle Gardens is a no-kill animal sanctuary and rehabilitation centre, located in Topley, British Columbia, Canada. As a school project aimed at helping the community, we decided to raise money for this non-profit family operated society that started with one dog back in 1988. We want to support their tireless work.
  • 5 Days Left

Colleen Treleaven

Island Pacific School, Bowen Island BC | Grade 8 | Bowen Island, British Columbia, CA

16.4 million Syrians were affected by the war, and 43% of Syrian refugees aren’t able to attend school. Operation Refugee Child (ORC) distributes backpacks with basic necessities to bring comfort, health, safety and warmth to refugee children and families fleeing violence and war.
  • 20 Days Left

Kylie Olsen

El Toro/Operation Refugee Child | Grade 12 | Trabuco Canyon, CA, US

Our garden will grow tall - We are working to provide a Tower Garden system to our Special Needs classrooms that will allow us the opportunity to educate these students about Urban gardening which is a sustainable way to grow fruits and vegetable with an aeroponics system that uses vertical space to provide the most garden for the small confines of a classroom. Educating our students on how to grow their own food allows for them to become self-reliant and gives us opportunites to teach about healthy eating, basic cooking, and even marketing skills as they learn how to sale their produce across the campus.
  • 24 Days Left

Mark Korompay

Humble High School | Grade 11 | Kingwood, Texas, US

We are raising money and awareness for the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota, Florida. This animal habitat is not only a safe haven for unique extinct and non-extinct animals such as Big Cats, Bears, and other wildlife, but also provide habitat preservation education to the public in the hopes of saving these amazing creatures from extinction in the wild.
  • 27 Days Left

Clea and Daphne

Riverview High School | Grade 11 | Sarasota , Florida , US

Operation Inspire targets kids of a low socioeconomic background around the Los Angeles area to address their needs. Many children of a lower socioeconomic standing lack a personalized system that conforms to their needs as a student and therefore, their academic abilities are stunted. We aim to provide the materials and mindsets necessary to help every child succeed through expanding their outlook on school. By improving learning environments and establishing settings that inspire students to enjoy learning, we will establish a support system for these children in which they are free to achieve their academic potential.
  • 65 Days Left

Angie Vargas

Granada Hills Charter High School | Grade 11 | Granada Hills, California , US

Bullying is a form of harassment that hurts others. Bullying has many negative effects or outcomes. We can make a difference in bullying in many ways.
  • 65 Days Left

Laura Rensberger

River Oaks Elementary School | Grade 5 | Houston, TX, US

Rhinos Without Borders is an organization working towards saving Rhinos from extinction. There are only 29,000 rhinos left in existence today. Let's show those poachers who's boss!
  • 140 Days Left

Chloe Thompson

Rhinos Without Borders | Grade 8 | Vancouver, BC, CA

Helping North Korean refugees reach freedom from one of the world's most repressive regimes through empowerment programs, rescue programs, resettlement assistance, and educational grants so that North Koreans can work to re-write the narrative of their home and bring positive change from the inside out.
  • 278 Days Left

Regina Lankenau

Klein Oak High School | Grade 11 | Spring, Texas, US

The #DoofChallenge strives to raise awareness to the amount of food that is wasted not only in the United States but around the world. The amount of food that is wasted each year could feed the hungry two and a half times.
  • 329 Days Left

Elizabeth Ortiz

Feeding America | Grade 12 | Signal Mtn. , TN, US

The waste of consumptive resources is a problem that plagues not only the United States, but the entire world as well. Unfortunately, this problem is not one many people are aware of, leading to the continued squander of resources such as food and water. Through this campaign, we want to bring recognition to the "ethics of food sourcing, production, and consumption," by bringing the subjects of food waste, nutritional facts, and perception to mind.
  • 370 Days Left

Matt Clouser

International baccalaureate | Grade 11 | N/A, N/A, US

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