Support The Philanthropy Project!

Support The Philanthropy Project!

By creating an environment where youth of all ages are given the tools, support and inspiration they need to affect meaningful change on a local, national and international scale, The Philanthropy Project is inspiring a generation of lifelong philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

About Our Philanthropy:

The Philanthropy Project is an online platform that provides youth the tools to bring their service projects to life!

Individuals, classrooms and schools can create personalized campaign pages for any service project they wish to undertake.

Creating a campaign on The Philanthropy Project platform:

  • Provides structure and support for youth taking action for causes they care about
  • Helps to amplify the impact of youth service projects with integrated fundraising, event management, merchandise sales and volunteer recruitment/organization capabilities
  • Walks youth through the Five Stages of Service Learning, ensuring a meaningful and educational experience
  • Offers youth a way to share their stories of service with the world

Thank you for helping us support youth in their efforts to change the world!