Healthy Kids in Action

by Alexander Aleman


The kids in my neighborhood come from low income families who cannot afford any summer programs.

Not being able to afford summer programs means that these kids would otherwise spend their summer days at home. I created Healthy Kids in Action because I love to exercise and I wanted to share this same opportunity with the kids in my neighborhood.

Healthy Kids in Action are free exercise classes for kids ages 6-14 that last 8 weeks during the Summer. Healthy Kids In Action provides a safe and friendly environment, where kids can exercise and have fun.

My classes are free and I keep them this way because I don’t want parents to have to worry about paying for an extra bill, and also because I want kids to come to my classes.

My classes were functioning with little to no equipment which is workable, but I needed equipment to incorporate new and fun ways of exercising.

Through my campaign with The Philanthropy Project, I was able to provide my class with a new set of dodge-balls, P.E mesh vests, low profile cones, an agility ladder, and jump ropes.

Additionally, Gaiam donated 20 yoga mats for use in my classes and Big Time Trampoline Fun Center donated 2o free passes for use in my classes.

Thanks to The Philanthropy Project, kids participating in Healthy Kids in Action will have an enriching and memorable experience that instills a lifelong love of activity.


Westminster High School | Westminster, CO


Healthy Kids in Action provides free exercise classes for kids from low income families who cannot afford any summer programs.


“There were many highlights I had during my campaign. The most important one was raising my fundraising target and exceeding it. I will always remember the generosity I received.”


$585 Raised

40 Kids Impacted for Summer 2016

20 Gaiam Yoga Mats Donated

25 Passes to Big Time Trampoline Fun Center Donated

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