My Birthday Wish: Building A School in Ethiopia

by Riley Hill


For Riley's second birthday (in lieu of presents), we asked friends and family to contribute to her campaign on The Philanthropy Project. We plan to do this every year for Riley's birthday, with the end goal is being to raise enough money to build a school in Ethiopia by the time Riley is in high school.

Once we have raised the money to build this school, our entire family will travel to Ethiopia with Riley to help physically build the school using the money she has donated. To facilitate our vision of educating Ethiopians, we’ve decided to partner with Imagine1day, an organization committed to providing quality education to all Ethiopians by 2030.

Why Ethopia?
Rather than simply responding to a need, Imagine1day was inspired by the ambition of a nation and its people. Ethiopia’s goal to be a middle income country by 2025, exists alongside a vision to transform their education system into one that is accessible to each and every child. Ethiopia’s leaders have demonstrated their commitment by investing 20% of the country’s annual budget in the education sector. This passion for change among Ethiopians means that the money we donate towards Imagine1day will deliver strong results in return for every dollar invested.

The Problem
While the government and the people of Ethiopia are working towards the same dream, there are many obstacles to overcome. Ethiopia currently has one of the world’s highest number of out-of-school children at 1.7 million, and its drop-out rate means that only 19.4% of children make it to high school. The goal that’s been set is big, and it comes with an openness to partner and apply the best possible solutions to get the job done.
The Solution

Imagine1day didn’t start because they saw a problem – they got to work because they were inspired by a nation ready for prosperity. Working within the public education system, they align each of their projects with Ethiopia’s current and long term education priorities, fitting perfectly with their vision of a future where all children have the chance to go to school. By working this way, Imagine1day is helping to create systemic and lasting change.


Toddler Extraordinaire | Boulder, CO


Our birthday wish is to help Riley raise enough money to build a school in Ethiopia by the time she is in high school.


“Mommy, it makes me sad that some people don’t have schools. I would feel super good if I could help them build a school. I think I need some tools to start and also books.”


$600 Raised

1 Toddler Who Is Very Proud of Herself

Countless Smiles from Our Entire Family!

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