Nate Kopchick

Software Engineer | Google Drive


Originally from Grand Rapids MI, Nate went to DePauw University in Indiana where he studied computer science.

After college, Nate moved to Chicago where he spent ten years as a software engineer. He started working at Google Chicago in 2008, and they were kind enough to allow him to transfer to Boulder in 2012.

Nate now works as an engineer on Google Drive and enjoys spending his free time working on his house, hiking, skiing, and trying to take advantage of all that Boulder and the surrounding area have to offer.

I'm Inspired...

I have always been a strong advocate of both education and helping one’s local community, and the Philanthropy Project’s intersection of these has inspired my involvement.

I Believe...

I think that youth are uniquely qualified to change the world because of their unabashed optimism, creativity, and their ignorance as to what can’t be done, which means that any problem can be approached from a new angle that no adult has considered.

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