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Inspire + empower young changemakers to turn ideas into impact.

We built the first ever youth-focused giving platform to make it easier for young people to take action.

There are countless online giving platforms that make it easier for adults to rally a community of supporters and affect meaningful change. But we realized that nothing of the sort was available to young changemakers. How can we expect youth to change the world if they don't have the proper tools at their disposal? It just didn't seem fair.

So we set out to talk to hundreds of youngsters and find out what tools they really wanted and needed to turn their ideas into impact. And then we built a platform with all of these tools that is both user-friendly, and safe for youth of all ages. Now, young changemakers can leverage our technology to build a community, spread the word about their cause and maximize their impact.

When creating an individual or team campaign, world changers can choose to include any of the following elements in their personalized campaign page:








We have a strong commitment to Service Learning.

On our journey with The Philanthropy Project, we've gathered feedback from educators around the world about the importance of supporting meaningful service learning through our platform.

That's why the foundations of meaningful service learning are integrated into every aspect of the campaign experience on The Philanthropy Project. Youth create their campaigns using a process that encourages deep understanding, inquiry, collaboration, action, and reflection.

Service Learning Circle

Learn more about how The Philanthropy Project supports meaningful service learning for both students and educators here.