We're on a mission to empower + inspire youth to

take action

for causes they care about.

Youth absolutely have the power change their communities and our world. In addition to providing support and structure for young changemakers as they launch service campaigns, The Philanthropy Project platform amplifies the impact of each project and provides a way for youth to share their stories of service with the world.

our story:

“We all have the innate power to be extraordinary: it simply takes a commitment to better ourselves and our world in ways both big and small.”

This idea took on greater meaning for us once we became parents, because we suddenly felt a responsibility to nurture the concept of a “commitment to philanthropy” in our daughter, not just in ourselves. And so began the idea for The Philanthropy Project.

Building upon a strong foundation of best practices in service learning, we’ve created a platform to support young people in making meaningful contributions to bettering the world.

Thanks to technology, youth have the means to make authentic connections with people, locally and globally. Our platform harnesses this interconnectedness, creating an environment where youth across the world are united in their desire to make a positive impact. When we enable youth to identify a cause they care about and pitch in with their wide array of interests, skills, talents, and knowledge… the possibilities are astounding!

The Philanthropy Project aims to nurture this engagement through inspiring and supporting youth to create their own philanthropic campaigns, using a process that encourages deep understanding, inquiry, collaboration, action, and reflection. By creating an environment where taking action is both simple and celebrated, The Philanthropy Project inspires and empowers young changemakers to turn their ideas into impact.

We're on a mission to inspire, empower and celebrate youth philanthropy.

Our vision is that through philanthropy, youth will discover the significant impact they can have on their surroundings. The Philanthropy Project platform provides support and structure for youth in all of their philanthropic endeavors.

By creating an environment where young changemakers are united and celebrated in their desire to make a positive impact, we hope to inspire a generation of lifelong philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.