Welcome to Your Campaign Handbook!

Creating and carrying out a campaign with The Philanthropy Project is a rewarding and meaningful experience. It’s your opportunity to make an impact by getting involved with a cause you care about!

Why get involved with philanthropy? While you may hear different people describe what philanthropy means in different ways, the word comes from the Greek meaning for the love of humankind. Any deliberate act we take to show our care and concern for humankind, including caring for our planet, people and animals, could be considered philanthropy. When we identify an issue we care about, make plans and put our ideas into action – we are being philanthropists!

An organized effort is a campaign. Running a campaign takes commitment, and most often collaboration. But if you’re determined to make an impact, your campaign can lead to a meaningful contribution well worth your time and effort.

To make sure your campaign has the best chance for success, The Philanthropy Project team has created this Campaign Handbook to help you get started shaping your campaign and marketing it to potential participants and supporters.

Every campaign on The Philanthropy Project tells the story of youth just like you who are determined to get involved and shape their world. We’re so happy you’ve found your way here, and we’re thrilled to support you on your journey!

A NOTE TO EDUCATORS: This series of experiences draws upon the same ideas and processes as described in The Philanthropy Project: A Guide for Educators.


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