Be IncluDed with InKids

Be IncluDed with InKids

We are raising money for Including Kids. InKids helps out families with autistic children around the Greater Houston Area with teaching the children social skills and cultivate their learning to become productive citizens. With the goal to raise enough money to help with the funds for the needs to help teach the children.

About Our Philanthropy:

Who are InKids? InKids, Including Kids is a program for children and young adults who have autism in the Greater Houston Area. Including Kids provide research based behavioral intervention and instruction for children and young adults with autism, help them cultivate their learning and social skills to facilitate their inclusion in the community and to inspire them to become productive citizens. My partner, Daniela and I are excited to collaborate with InKids to help raise funds to help them with the costs of materials needed. The beginning of the next year we are planning to have a drive at Humble High School to help gather the items that are mainly needed. InKids are asking for iPad headphones, Wii games, Lego sets, dry erase markers and erasers. Each of these items have and impact each child and young adult with their learning. At InKids each child and young adult have an iPad assigned to them, they use for learning and playing games. There are some individuals who use need it for communication. The staff at InKids also have an iPad to collect data, the data collected helps the staff make treatment decisions and measure progress. The headphones are helpful for kids playing games when there are other people around them. It doesn\’t disturb when they are in waiting area like in a doctor\’s office. Therapists go with the children to help them be successful and for the therapists to gather data so the dings don\’t disturb others as well. InKids focuses a lot on teaching their clients age appropriate social skills and play skills. Lego sets are age appropriate for any age. Lego sets helps work on these skills with the clients and their peers. Another age appropriate leisure skill is playing video games, which is another need for InKids. The great thing about Wii games is that the kids can make mutli-player, which allows them to work on social skills with their peers like taking turns, encouraging others, and being a good sport. The children also like to play Wii when they have earned a break. InKids do a lot of teaching and most of it is done on dry erase boards. These items are very versatile, they can write letters, number, shapes, name identification, basically anything for the kids to learn. Anything will help these kids, it will have an impact on them to help them become productive citizens because they are the same as all of us.


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