Centaurus Hunger Banquet

Centaurus Hunger Banquet

Hello! We are Maddie and Maddi and we are trying to raise $5,000 dollars to help stop the world hunger crisis. All proceeds will be distributed evenly between Sister Carmen, No Kid Hungry and Oxfam International. World hunger is a rapidly growing problem and with your help we are hoping to put it to an end one meal at a time!

About Our Philanthropy:

Think about how many meals we eat per day vs. one meal per three days, if you’re lucky. There are 1.02 billion malnourished people in the world today. Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Malnutrition is a growing problem and in order to make a change we need your help. This banquet will be a simulation of food distribution around the world.

All proceeds will be donated to Sister Carmen, a food bank in Lafayette, CO fighting shortage of food for our local community, No Kid Hungry, an organization based in the United States trying to battle starvation and poverty among children, and Oxfam International, an organization to combat poverty and starvation across the globe.

Throughout the world, over three billion people go to bed every night hungry, and in the United States alone, one in every five children struggle with hunger. On this night, we invite you to eat as the world eats. This banquet will not be fair, but in the words of Sophia Murphy: “The assumption that all things are equal exacerbates existing inequalities.” We need to take action.


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