Colorado Constitutional Law Team (Denver East High School)

Colorado Constitutional Law Team (Denver East High School)

In April 2019, thirty East High students will compete in the national constitutional law competition in Washington D.C. This is an opportunity for both personal growth and national recognition of their dedication to civic virtue and awareness of public issues. However, they need your help to get there!

About Our Philanthropy:

In April, thirty students from the East High School AP U.S. Government and Politics class at Denver East High School will travel to Washington, DC to compete in the National We The People…the Citizen and the Constitution competition. They won the State championship in December by virtue of uncounted hours of hard work, researching and preparing for simulated congressional hearings in which they took the roles of constitutional and political experts. Now, we need your help to continue that success at the national level. The cost of sending one student is $1,939.00. A good portion of this money comes from their families, and from an alumni network that recognizes the value of this program. Now, however, we ask you as well.

The Center for Civic Education, the sponsor of the state and national “We The People” programs, has touched over twenty million U.S. students over the past three decades, thanks to their dedication to a nation where every citizen has both the means and the intent to become passionate participants in democracy. Programs like We The People ensure a spirit of continued civic virtue. The program incentivizes students to research and critically apply knowledge about the nature and history of their government, starting with high school civics and extending to constitutional law and deeper questions. Previous questions have included“Under what conditions, if any, should the Supreme Court have the power to overrule a decision by a majority of the people’s representatives in our legislative branches?” and “What would be some of the benefits and costs of changing the Senate to proportional representation?” Many alumni of the program are even inspired to pursue studies and even careers in public service, politics, and law.


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