Dollars for Dolphins

Dollars for Dolphins

Dedicated to supporting the Dolphin Project in their tireless plight to shut down the six-month-long yearly drive hunts on migrating cetacean species in Taiji, Japan.

About Our Philanthropy:

Why should you help support our cause? Killing dolphins for their meat is not logical. Mercury levels can be 20 to 5,000 times higher in dolphin and other small whale meat than levels recommended by the UN World Health Organization and the Japanese Ministry of Health, according to Japanese scientist Dr Tetsuya Endo. Why are Japanese residents eating dolphin meat then? It’s because they don’t know how toxic it is. A lot of Japanese residents don’t even know that this is going on.  If they are not slaughtered they are captured and sold for up to $200,000 per animal into a “life” of captivity. The choosing progress they go through is very stressful and can even kill the dolphins before they make it to their “life” of performing for dead fish. Young, dependant dolphins are ripped away from their mothers and occasionally dumped back out at sea. This does not mean they will survive, as they do not yet possess the skills to hunt and survive alone. If they are kept, they are usually sold for a hefty price to marine parks (such as Seaworld) or aquariums around the world. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, sentient creatures. They are family oriented, travelling animals that go up to 128 of kilometres each day. Dolphins cannot swim 128km in a concrete tank. They cannot even echolocate, as their sound waves bounce off the concrete walls and return to them, which can sometimes cause deafness. This is another reason you should support our cause.  Dolphins are not ours to capture and exploit for entertainment. Killing them for a poisonous food source is not okay. Please help us support the end to this unnecessary practice, and raise awareness for those unaware of this practice.


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