The Erika Barrera Project

The Erika Barrera Project

This campaign serves to support the issue of breast cancer and other feminine health concerns. Though it is aimed at this general topic, we are specifically trying to help Mrs. Erika Barrera as she is fighting Lymphoma Cancer. We are planing to work to raise awareness and money through this campaign and various activities at our school such as the selling of breast cancer awareness bandanas and bracelets.Our goal is to help specifically, Mrs. Erika Barrera, with financial support. We need your help! Please support our campaign either here online or through our school to raise cancer awareness in our community,and directly impact Mrs. Barrera, a very strong and brave women!

About Our Philanthropy:

Erika Barrera is the wife of Rene Barrera, a teacher at our school.  She was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Her initial reaction to her diagnosis was heart breaking, and she was severely pained by the news. Throughout this fight, she’s had to adapt to the many different kinds of medication and medical treatment. Part of her journey has led to extreme difficulty with her vision.She has trouble doing everyday activities such as driving and cooking due to her now blurred vision.  This sadly leaves her with limited mobility outside of her home.  But even through her struggles with new mobility difficulties, she has hope and strength to keep a positive view on her situation.

Helping her in her fight to beat this cancer is her husband, daughter, and son along with other family members and friends. She has the upmost support from her family which has made her experience more positive, and helped her maintain the strength needed to conquer Lymphoma cancer.Since she has been battling cancer, she has become much closer to God and has really put this fight in His hands as more and more days go by.

Our hope is that this campaign will help support her and her family in paying for her treatment and making her fight less weight upon her family financially.  We also know that sharing her story and bringing others to her aid will help to show our emotional investment in Erika’s fight. We are striving to make an impact in Mrs. Barrera’s life as well as help her beat Lymphoma cancer!  Please help support Erika Barrera by donating here today.