Healthy Kids In Action

Healthy Kids In Action

Help low income students exercise this Summer and for Summers to come with new equipment for the Healthy Kids In Action classes.

About Our Philanthropy:

Thank you for wanting to learn more about my project. My name is Alexander Aleman, I’m a 16 year old living in Westminster CO, and I’m the founder of Healthy Kids In Action. Healthy Kids in Action are free exercise classes for kids ages 6-14 that last 8 weeks during the Summer. I created Healthy Kids in Action because I love to exercise and I wanted to share this same opportunity with the kids in my neighborhood. The kids in my neighborhood come from low income families who cannot afford any Summer programs, which means that these kids would otherwise spend their Summer days at home. When I was 12, I began to learn more about exercising and about eating healthy. I began to accompany my mom to the grocery store and I would persuade her to swap unhealthy foods for better alternatives. Soon after, my passion for exercising and eating nutritiously grew. I began running laps around my house, following exercise videos from YouTube, and eventually going to the community center gym everyday on a grant. Today my passion for exercise continues, and I hope that with my classes, my kids will begin to develop a passion for exercise that will affect the rest of their lives. Healthy Kids In Action provides a safe and friendly environment, where my kids can exercise and have fun. My classes are free and I keep them this way because I don’t want any parent to have to worry about paying for an extra bill and because I want kids to come to my classes. My classes function with little to no equipment which is workable, but I need equipment to incorporate new and fun ways of exercising. There are many ways one can exercise without equipment, however, equipment adds a whole new level of fun and that’s what kids need and where I need your help. Right now the Perl Mack Community Rec. Center provides me with an event room big enough for my classes, a sound system for music, some worn foam balls, some hula hoops, and some mats. I would like to provide my class with a new set of dodge-balls, P.E mesh vests, low profile cones, an agility ladder, and jump ropes, but I need your help. Please support my classes. Not only will you impact this year’s set of students, but you will also be helping the program for years to come. If more than enough money is raised, I will use the money for additional equipment.


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