Making Sheila’s Education Possible

Making Sheila’s Education Possible

We first heard of the opportunity to help Sheila through The Pangea Network Student Sponsorship Program. The Pangea Student Sponsorship Program helps dedicated and bright students who are committed to their education stay in school. This program offers children a way out of poverty through access to education and the opportunity of earning a high school diploma. Along with an education, the children are strongly supported by Pangea along the way to ensure personal development, nutrition, access to health care, as well as counseling. Every year of education makes a child less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, encourages girls to postpone marriage and childbirth, and lifts up communities.

About Our Philanthropy:

Humble High School IB student leaders, myself (Fatoumata Diallo) and my partner (Rhoda Oladapo), are working with The Pangea Network to help sponsor a low-income high school junior in Kenya named Sheila so she can get the opportunity to attend school. We decided to embark on this project because we believe that with education you can surpass any obstacle. We also believe that education should be a priority, and should be available to every child.

With the help of supporters like you, we’ll be helping to create a successful future for a child that desperately needs it. You are helping to invest in a person’s future. With your help and support, we can raise a $2,000 scholarship for Sheila. Sheila is 17 years old and is in the beginning her last year of high school. Her father passed away and her mother has been struggling to raise her five children. Sheila found out about this scholarship opportunity and applied on her own to make sure she could finish high school and help her mom and siblings.

Some fun facts about Sheila:

  • Her favorite subject is Biology
  • Her favorite book is Romeo and Juliet
  • Her favorite foods are French fries and Sausage
  • Her favorite thing about her school is the serene environment
  • She would like to be a journalist or a fashion designer when she grows up.
By raising $2,000, you are helping Sheila cover her exam fees for entrance into university, complete her final year of high school education and transition to college. To make this project and Sheila’s education funding a success, we are asking donors and supporters like you to make a pledge of a minimum of $20. If you pledge $20 we will mail you a free braided bracelet made by Kenyan women.
The Pangea Network believes, as do we, that youth play a critical role in the security of the world’s future. They are the face of tomorrow, the future leaders and innovators who will create new solutions for today’s problems. With your dedication and support, we can all make an impact on Sheila’s life!


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