Trevor HELO Haiti

Trevor HELO Haiti

Please help the Trevor Day School’s HELO Haiti Club rebuild the HELO orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti! On October 4, 2016, HELO was devastated by Hurricane Matthew. All of their food and farms were demolished. Most of their clothing and bedding was ruined and their facilities sustained massive damage. We have set a goal of $11,000 which will help them to make repairs to their homes and their schoolhouses. For every $1,000 that we can raise above our goal, we will be able to feed the entire orphanage (60 children and the adults that care for them) for one week! So, please help us reach (or even surpass) our goal!

About Our Philanthropy:

The HELO orphanage is located in the town of Les Cayes, on the southwest coast of Haiti, which was devastated by Hurricane Matthew. On the morning of Tuesday, October 4th, Matthew hit Haiti as a category 4 hurricane, with sustained winds of 140 mph and higher gusts, and about 2 feet of rain. The orphanage was extremely lucky – none of the kids or staff were hurt, but there was significant damage done. They lost almost all of their tin roofs, there was significant damage done to three of the buildings that house children, and the kitchen and storerooms were practically destroyed. The children and staff have been keeping safe in the new secondary school for the time being. The children’s beds, mattresses, school uniforms, and clothes have been ruined. In partnership with the HELO Orphanage, the Trevor Day School created a club which fundraises and creates awareness for Haiti and HELO alike. After visiting Haiti in 2015, the HELO club has become particularly invested in contributing to the hardships the orphanage faces. In 2015, a group of Trevor students and faculty went to Haiti to spend time with the children at HELO. This trip motivated us to do everything we can to help HELO thrive. Our club is currently working on sending another group of students and faculty down to HELO in February of 2017. The Trevor community asks you to please consider donating. All of this money goes directly to the orphanage, which is run by Elisabeth Kennedy (US director) and Pastor Jean Phares Beaucejour (Haitian director), both of whom are incredibly dedicated to doing everything they can for these amazing kids. Please visit to see the HELO website and visit to see our club\’s blog, with details of our last trip to Haiti and a few of our club\’s efforts!   12/6/2016 – Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated! We are quickly approaching our target and hope that people continue to donate. Your donations are greatly appreciated, not only by the Trevor Day HELO club members, but by all the children and adults at HELO! Spread the word, and again, thank you!   \"unnamed\"  



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  • Stephen Jacobs

    The last gift was mostly a match of money Michele raised directly for HELO. Congratulations to the Club and its many supporters for reaching this worthy goal.

    April 20, 2017 at 3:25 pm Reply



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