Donate Your Day

It’s easy! Instead of gifts, ask people to support your cause.

- OR -

Instead of gifts for your birthday, graduation, mitzvah or other special occasion, ask people to support a cause you care about.

It's genius, really. You won't get stuck with a bunch of gifts you don't really need and your loved ones feel good about helping you change the world. Everybody wins!

How it works:


Commit to donating your day, and asking for friends and family to support your campaign in lieu of gifts. We promise, you'll be so glad you did!


Create your campaign now, or closer to your special day. We'll send you a reminder email as the date approaches if you haven't started your campaign yet.


Spread the word about your campaign to family & friends, and watch as support starts rolling in. BOOM! You're changing the world, one donated day at time!

A Birthday Story: Riley + West

Meet Riley and Weston Hill. Riley is five, and West is almost three years old. For the last few years, they've asked family and friends to donate to their birthday campaign instead of giving them gifts.

Collectively, they have raised $3,014 to provide quality education to over 40 students in partnership with Pencils of Promise. Instead of getting gifts they don't really need, these siblings have given students the promise of a better future.

They are truly using their birthdays to change the world. And you can, too!