Here’s what youth participants have to say about their experiences with The Philanthropy Project:

Recent campaign reflection surveys submitted by youth who have completed campaigns on our platform suggest that The Philanthropy Project platform helps youth become organized, gain confidence and realize their potential to affect change.

Here are just a few of the recent reflections:

“This was a really fantastic experience and I hope everyone gets the chance to do something like this. I learned that anything is possible and that anyone, no matter how young, can change the world. Thank you!”

“A very significant moment for me was when I reached $1,000 in donations to my campaign. It was just a surreal moment and that’s when it actually hit me that what I am doing is making a change.”

“In five years when I look back on this experience, I will remember that I did such a great thing.”

“I am going to take on the challenges that come at me and I will always be a philanthropist. I hope to do something like this again in the near future.”

“Our 5th grade students surpassed their goal and they are beaming with pride!  Thanks for providing a wonderful way for our students to present their action projects. Your platform was so easy to use and was a great tool for sparking meaningful conversation in our classroom. We can’t wait to use it again!”

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